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Dr. Debbi Miller, BS CHNP ND

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DBA - Natural Remedi's
Homeopathic Nosodes
Naturopathic Medicine
Animal Communication
Naturopathic medicine is a  healing process based on a belief in the life force. The body's own energy is strengthened with the use of different modalities to guide the body to health and balance. It is the  holistic approach and works toward the body being in homeostasis.. 
About Me

Animal communication is used to identify spiritual, emotional and physical conditions that are going on with your animal or pet.

The animal will provide either words, scenery, numbers or pictures, and/or a combination of these items to me. 

I have such wonderful clients that send photos of the results they see with their animals.

Some of them are truly amazing such as Choppo, who was bitten by a rattlesnake and treated exclusively with homeopathy.

My life path led me to work in the Environmental, Health and Safety field . After seeing the health conditions that were created by all the toxins and understanding how toxic of a world we lived in, I decided it was time to move on to a better and healthier way,

So back to school to completet a degree in Naturopathic Medicine in the 1990's.  

My passion became Classical homeopathy even though I offer  many other modalities in my practice. My other passion  is breeding and showing Sussex Spaniels which we now have 4 generations that are natural reared.

Homeopathy is a medical  practice based on the the body being treated as a whole. Instead of treating just a medical condition it treats  Mind Body and Spirit.  

Homeopathy was founded in the late 1700s in Germany and is widely practiced throughout the world.

Classical Homeopathy  is defined as a holistic therapeutic medical science upon the teachings of Hahnemann.The primary precept, the law of similar's, is used to treat ill persons ( animals, also ) using the minute doses of potentized substances. 
Nosodes are an alternative to conventional vaccines. In homeopathy, there is a special type of remedy called a nosode. A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word meaning disease) is a homeopathic preparation made from actual diseased matter. 

Nosodes are available for:

Canine Combo similar to a DHLPP
Kennel Cough

Office Hours are Monday - Friday  9:00 - 4:00 PM EST