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Choppo resides in Arizona and was bitten by a rattlesnake. His face swelled to the point that he couldn't open his mouth to eat and had to be syringed with water to drink
Day 1 - After being bitten
Day 1 - After being bitten - Profile
Day 2 - Swelling going down
Day 2 - He can close his mouth and his tongue is no long sticking out. 
Day 3 - Face almost back to  normal is eating and drinking on his own.
Choppo is my only horse and when he was bitten I didn't have any of the rattlesnake antidote at the house. And of course my vet was closed.

I decided to treat him homeopathically after talking with Debbi. The results were fabulous and a lot less expensive with faster results then using the antidote.

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A Case of Psoriasis

This case will continue to be upgraded with photo's as we go. It is expected to take 2 years to totally clear. As you will see through the photo's, it is a great example of Herring's law of Cure. Where as, we heal from the inside out an in reverse order of where things began.  On this case, the psoriasis began on this gentleman's waist and back.   This remedy is also his similimum or his constitutional remedy. So he experiencing additional benefits such as reduced to eliminated joint pain. Treatment began on  July 14, 2014.
Dupuytren's Contracture

Is an auto-immune progressive contracture of the fascia on the palms of the hands. Eventually leading to flexion deformity of the distal portion of fingers and often is bilateral in effect.

After several surgery's and trying different modalities or methods of treatment this gentleman came to me to try homeopathy. 
These photo's are from day one of beginning treatment.  October 28, 2014 

Left Hand
Right Hand - Notice how the pinky finger is pulled and locked in place.
These photo's were taken October 9, 2014. I will be updating with original photo's soon.
Comments after 1 week: Cord areas in both palms seem better, not as pronounced or visible.  Overall both hands not as achy.
Cords in right little finger, have good and bad days. Sometimes cords are more swollen and contracted, other times reduced in size and less tight.No pattern to this.

When our 15 year old Sussex spaniel, Newman, started showing signs of Sundowner Syndrome - also known as canine cognitive dysfunction - I had to find something to help his symptoms but I didn't want him on medication the rest of his life. I contacted friend and fellow Sussex owner, Debbi Miller, for a homeopathic consult. After going over all of Newman's symptoms and behaviors - all of which started in the evening as it began to get dark outside - she prescribed a remedy that has been successful in curbing his anxiety. Most of his behaviors - standing in the middle of the room and randomly barking, his constant need to go outside - either for very brief drinks of water or to patrol one particular area of the yard, confusion when approaching a door, pacing and constantly wanting up and down on the sofa, licking his feet - subsided in just a couple of days. He is calmer in the evenings, yet still very alert, and his anxiety level has gone from high to almost nonexistent with no adverse reactions or behaviors from the remedy. Very successful!

- Julie 
   Mesa AZ